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Co-creators of the Humor Profiler tool have been invited to offer a presentation in Bodø, Norway this August 2017 at the 24th Nordic Academy of Management Conference. By now, you may have guessed the three key themes of the presentation, which will feature a 2016 study that investigated the relationship between the Humor Profiler and the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale.

Introducing the Humor Profiler

The Humor Profiler is an instrument that measures preferences for humor use in an organizational context. The conception, design and development of the assessment tool is a co-owned initiative between Stefan Meister of intercultures and Piotr Pluta of PsychologyOfHumor.com — with significant contributions from Andreas Höber of the University of Graz, Austria.

Humor and Employee Engagement

In research conducted thus far, „Results suggest indeed that humor plays a role in getting employees more engaged. There were observed significant regression analyses between employee engagement factors and two factors from the humor measure (related to a preference for motivating use of humor in work-related activities, and for use of humor when giving and receiving feedback). Furthermore, results indicate strong gender differences—the impact of humor use on employee engagement seems to be only significant for men.”

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For a good laugh—and to learn more about the Humor Profiler—contact co-creators Stefan Meister (Meister@www.intercultures.de) and Piotr Pluta of PsychologyOfHumor.com (Piotr@PsychologyOfHumor.com).

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The above article was includes in our June 2017 intercultures E-Newsletter.

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