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Adrienne Rubatos_Romania/Hungary

Adrienne Rubatos


How did you come to do what you do (for a living)? 

I have loved the atlas we had at home long before I could read, probably I have the passion for cultures in my genes ;-). After moving to Germany I have enjoyed my global jobs, where I often volunteered to mediate between German headquarters and rest of the world. Towards the end of my MBA study at Henley Management College I finally fell so irresistibly in love with the intercultural topic that I left the corporate world for a cross-cultural consultant career.

How might intercultures’ customers find you unique? 

My heart and mind are enrooted in the Eastern-Western European dialogue, which I treat as embedded in the global scene. A young-in-feeling and senior-in-acting senior, an engineer at the foundation, but always moving within interdisciplinary fields, within and outside business. A notorious curious learner putting the new to creative interventions in complex customer settings.  Moving between systemic approach and pragmatic style, between coach or advisor roles, elements of mindfulness, all serving to longer lasting learning and change for the clients. Attentive explorer of the real needs to stay near to them, when it helps even in several languages. Meanwhile worked with around 70 corporate clients, mainly multinationals.

What do you like about working with intercultures?

intercultures covers as much variety and complexity from the field as I need, being at the same time very personal and caring. Highly professional, in continuous exploration of the global development and adapting its’ portfolio to it. We have 13 years of relationship, and I was never disappointed, found openness for solutions, them going the extra mile, being transparent and extremely fair in the cooperation. Meanwhile I gained many friendships with the personnel and consultant peers. If intercultures calls, I see myself smiling from the start, which is by God not the case for all calls. 😉 Grateful to know them, to belong to.

In a global context – why do you think is your work – and our work together important?

intercultures covers a large field of topics around cross-cultural cooperation and the geographical global landscape, so our good work can widely penetrate. If you ever experienced:
o pain relief of clients who understood what they misunderstood for such a long time about their partners
o or a new joy in interacting with each other in a project team,
o merged entities getting peoples’ hearts on board and retaining them (just to mention few results of our activities),
you know what I mean.

In a deeper sense we contribute to inner and/or outer peace, unlashing then energy for more purposeful activities, than being lost in open or hidden conflicts and limiting attitudes.

We look forward to your contact!