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Christine Xue – intercultures in China

Christine Xue

Intercultures in China

What brings you to the field of international competence development?

Cultural differences exist everywhere in Joint-Venture companies, which by chance I worked for several. I saw many managers struggling with, or even worse, suffering from managing people from different countries and regions. This has aroused my interests to go deeper into the topic of what kind of international competencies managers/leaders need besides their pure leadership competencies.

How might intercultures’ customers find you unique? 

intercultures’ customers might find that I am unique because I’m not delivering normal training sessions, I am rather facilitating a “BBC” studio, which means “Be present, Be participating, Co-creating”.

What do you like about working with intercultures?

I find that intercultures’ spirit also matches my values, “learning, sharing, growing and embracing differences”.

In a global context – why do you think is your work – and our work together important?

Everyone is unique and we all have different characters, perceptions, beliefs and values. Therefore, working together internationaly is important and makes it easier for us to seek common points while reserving differences („求同存异” in Chinese, or “the purple space” i.e. transcultural space in the book so central for intercultures: „Closeness at a Distance”).

What is the special market situation in China?

As always, we are still in a fierce competition in China. Clients are more and more picky, and they’re looking for high quality service providers. Thus, only if we offer the highest quality and win their loyalty, we’ll surely be the leading company in the field. Our role should be a hybrid of trainer, facilitator, consultant and coach to fit our clients’ needs.

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