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Irene Hotz-Glanzmann - Intercultures in Switzerland

Irene Hotz-Glanzmann

intercultures in Switzerland

What brings you to the field of international competence development?

My first working years I spent in a travel agency. There I learnt to look at things from different perspectives with different cultures in mind. Then I spent many years in international human resources with different multinational companies. In human resources, I was lucky to get to know different areas, such as global training or international recruiting. It was fascinating to experience the respective role I had with different nationalities. Before I founded my own company, I got more into coaching expatriates and inpatriates, which I appreciated a lot. Bringing all my industrial experience together, I started my own company, mainly in the field of international competence development. Since 2012, I have been running intercultures Swiss!

How might intercultures’ customers find you unique? 

I have been privileged to grow up in Switzerland and benefit from a generous educational system. For example, there are four national languages, which bring a colorful spirit into the country. Starting very young, I learnt to deal with the different people in our country speaking different languages – and representing different cultural varieties. Combining the knowledge about Switzerland, various languages, a fascinating industrial experience and a personal curiosity, certainly makes me a “unique Swiss”!

What do you like about working with intercultures?

I have known intercultures since 2012. It is like belonging to a big family which is spread all over the globe. There is mutual trust and support as well as a common understanding. It is a great cooperation around the globe!

In a global context – why do you think is your work – and our work together important?

Local becomes global – people are sent to other countries, or they migrate and travel internationally for diverse reasons. Mergers and acquisitions happen every day worldwide. Working efficiently in another country and culture is not easy and doesn’t happen quickly. I believe our work is necessary in order to sensitize collaborators about their differences and appreciate to look at an issue from diverse perspectives.

What is the special market situation in Switzerland?

Switzerland is unique for many reasons. Besides the multilingualism, the country has a very long tradition of democracy. These two facts have caused a certain tolerance and openness within the society as a whole. Switzerland is an attractive market for many industries or new ventures. There is a very low unemployment rate and a high living standard. For these and other reasons, many multinational companies have chosen Switzerland for their headquarters. Consequently business is mostly international with many nationalities involved.

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