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Humor in the Workplace: The Elephant in the Room

Work is not always fun. Still, many agree that humans need humor to connect.

Simultaneously, humor is the “elephant in the room”. While everyone knows the important role of humor, it is rarely spoken about openly or freely engaged. Especially in international contexts, we may not catch the meaning of humor, perceiving only a small portion of it (for example, the trunk or the tail of the elephant).

Why? Common business etiquette may suggest we avoid humor in order to avert misunderstanding and/or offense. Humor preferences differ with each individual, humor style, or on cultural levels. Plus, humor is difficult—if possible—to plan; there is a magic to it!

Can Humor Help Us Work Better?

In this age of global complexity, business is attracted to what determines whether an executive, project or team is successful. By attraction we mean a desire for factors that motivate people to want to join a group that brings meaning into an organization or energy to a collaboration. One of these essential factors is humor.


It is the first—and only—valid international tool (more about our research) (link research) that links humor preferences to cultural differences.


It enables individuals to recognize their own humor preferences; to exchange with others; and to adapt to what works best.


It helps teams, members and leaders—including those in international contexts—to use humor to their advantage.

The Humor Profiler is an ideal starting point for any form of team building; can serve to improve your leadership practices; and increases ones’ awareness of the kinds of culture-specific adaptations that favorably distinguish professionals traveling abroad on short or long-term assignments.

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