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Title Picture: Connected through our virtual, global network, intercultures Consultants who attended the SIETAR Europa 2017 Congress gather to cultivate Virtual Closeness at a Dublin pub.

intercultures Consultant Adrienne Rubatos with Antoine Burke (photo courtesy of Antoine, Australia).

Exterior view of the Congress site, Dublin City University (formerly St. Pat’s College) (photo credit: Nancy Khalil, Germany).

intercultures’ Managing Director, Stefan Meister, co-presents with intercultures’ business partner and Managing Director of Intercultural Business Improvement BV, Ursula Brinkmann, on the panel, „Towards a Competency Framework for Intercultural Practitioners,” wherein discussion focused on the idea to develop and implement quality criteria for intercultural practitioners (photo credit: Nancy Khalil).

SIETAR Europa Congress 2017 Organizer Barbara Covarrubias Venegas pictured with Anna Zelno of intercultures España and Dr. Livingstone Thompson, Past President of SIETAR Europa (photo credit: Barbara Covarrubias Venegas, Austria).
intercultures Consultant Yvonne Van Der Pol presents, „The 70:20:10 of Intercultural Learning”, based on research that professionals learn more in their work contexts (70) and feedback received from peers (20) than formal educational settings (10) (photo courtesy of Yvonne Van Der Pol, Netherlands).
Pari Namazie, SIETAR Europa President and Consultant with intercultures, co-presents „Demystifying the Middle East – Stories, Insights, Solutions” (photo credit: Diana Mirza Grisco, Germany).
Fun talking business at intercultures’ Exhibitor stand! Lovely ladies pictured above include Abby Beckley, Malii Brown of intercultures, Christine, and her mother, Dr. Colletta Dalikeni, who presented findings and insights from her dissertation, „Cultural Issues in Interactions Between Social Workers and African Asylum Seeking Families in Ireland” (photo credit: Stefan Meister).
Possibly the youngest- and probably the cutest of SEU Congress presenters- Lolo traveled to the Congress with his mother, intercultures Consultant Claude-Hélène Mayer, and sisters. (photo credit: intercultures Consultant Laxmi Chaudry).
Lolo, a young author and speaker on the topic of contemporary socio-cultural topics, leads „Different Race, Same Culture – South Africa,” a TED Talk-style session. As detailed in the Congress program, Lolo’s talk was about „auto-ethnographic experiences of race, gender and culture in post-apartheid South African society…and the clash with the post-apartheid racial classification system in daily life experiences.” Click here to view a video interview of Lolo- among other attendees- from the Congress (photo credit: Diane Mullen, USA.)
Working hard on the Congress gala dance floor to the sweet beats of DJ Stefan Meister (photos credit: Nancy Khalil).

See you in Tokyo at the SIETAR Japan World Conference in Aug. 2018! #intercultures #WorkingBetterGlobally

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The above article was included in our June 2017 intercultures E-Newsletter.