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Sonja Andjelkovic_Serbien/Mittlerer Osten

Sonja Andjelkovic

Serbia / Arab Region

In the Space of Three Sentences: How Did You Come to Do What You Do (For a Living)?

I am what I do. I am a multicultural globetrotter who is mesmerized by cultures, traditions, languages and people. It came naturally to me to create synergy by becoming an intercultural trainer and consultant.

How Might  intercultures’ Customers Find You Unique? 

What intercultures customers find unique about me is my work experience in developing conflict-prone countries like the Middle East countries. They benefit from my impartial approach to culture. Moreover, they appreciate my sense of humor and my knowledge on conflict transformation and negotiation in intercultural situations.

What Do You Like About Working With intercultures? 

Intercultures creates a feeling of belonging to a wider family of like-minded, intercultural consultants and trainers. How do they achieve this? The intercultures team is a carefully selected group of people who do their profession with mind and heart. Feeling connected is what empowers freelance consultants like me to excel myself in my work as an intercultural trainer.

In a Global Context – Why Do You Think is Your Work – and Our Work Together Important?

In Germany, our work is important because it instills a spark of motivation in our clients to learn more about the positive outcomes of intercultural encounters. As intercultures is a learning organization, we continuously initiate innovated ideas in the area of interculturality.

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