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Karina Barcellos – intercultures in Brazil

Karina Barcellos

Intercultures in Brazil

What brings you to the field of international competence development?

I have developed from a journalist through a content specialist into a communications consultant. For quite a few years I have been helping to develop and implement leadership communications development programs in Brazil for various companies. In this process, I was lucky enough to find the opportunity to combine my consultancy skills with my love for intercultural experiences, on a personal and professional level.

How might intercultures’ customers find you unique? 

I bring to the table both the experience of working as a consultant for numerous multinational companies, in development programs ranging from entry level to top management, and also as the managing partner of a sucessful PR company in Brazil. I would say that the hands-on business and management track record and my personal experience in different contexts and cultural settings are what differentiates my work as an intercultural competence developer.

What do you like about working with intercultures?

The impeccable work ethics and the genuine commitment to our clients and consultants.

In a global context – why do you think is your work – and our work together important?

I am a true believer in the power of diversity. It is the different ways of thinking and looking at human dilemmas that form the solutions we need to make better business, to innovate, to live lives that are more interesting, creative, peaceful and prosper.

What is the special market situation in Brazil?

In Brazil we see crisis as an opportunity – this is the time for international companies to set foot or increase their presence in the country, so that they are well positioned to reap the rewards in the near future. The potential of our talent is immeasurable for organizations that are willing to prepare their leadership to take advantage of its unique qualities.

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