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Sundae Schneider-Bean_U.S.A./Switzerland/South Africa

Sundae Schneider-Bean

U.S.A./Switzerland/South Africa

How did you come to do what you do? 

When I moved abroad over 18 years ago and married someone from another culture, my monocultural upbringing did not prepare me for what was ahead. My hunger forcultural learning and raw experiences led me to support others in their own intercultural transitions.


How might intercultures`customers find you unique?

I offer a unique triad of experience: Not only am I solution-oriented coach and intercultural strategist who has worked with clients from over 60 countries and multiple industries, I am a long-term expat. I get just how challenging life abroad can be. My own experiences include a professional transformation as I became embedded into local Swiss culture, navigating political crises in West Africa, to maintaining a business and a family between two continents after an abrupt transition.


What do you like about working intercultures?

I deeply appreciate how intercultures is committed to go beyond a surface understanding of “culture” and through high-quality research and real-life practice consistently digs for a better understanding of how we can work across cultures most effectively and appropriately.


In a global context – wh do you think is your work – and our work together important? 

Our work is important because, now more than ever, we need to find ways to understand and bridge our differences and discover our similarities. I believe utilizing our cultural diversity is a key ingredient to enhance business outcomes, add depth to collaboration and – quite simply – increase our quality of life.

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